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“Soap Solutions created 2 innovative new products for our company including sourcing and supplying unique packaging. The products have performed well above expectations.”

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French Triple Milled Benefits

Explanation of the Benefits

So what is So Good about French Triple Milled Soaps and what does it mean?

French Triple Milled Soaps are very much smoother to use than normal soaps and produce a more creamy, luxuriant lather more quickly that normal Soaps with a very even colour.

When soap is made it is dried prior to being turned into soap bars. During this drying process the soap turns into crystals and these crystals, which vary in size,  can produce a quite gritty and rough base when made into soap bars.

True French triple milled soaps are passed 3 or more times through a heavy duty 3,4 or 5 roller mill. This repeated milling of the soap crystals crushes the soap crystals turning them into an extremely fine and smooth paste, prior to being turned into bars. This process also ensures that the soap colours and additive are homogenously spread through the soap bar.

French triple milling also means that all the bars in a batch are the same colour with no streaking even with heavily coloured soap

Some soap plants have a single roller mill not 3 roller mills in their process line. However a lot of them are cheap Chinese and Indian made mills that are very small and lightly built which means they are unable to apply the high pressures on the rollers that is required to produce High Quality Soaps.


Welcome to Soap Solutions

Soap Solutions is an Australian Family owned Contract Soap Manufacturer with sales in both the domestic and international markets.

The Company prides itself on being one of the most Innovative Soap Manufacturers in the world. It is the only Soap manufacturer in Australasia that produces Products that can be claimed to be truly French Triple milled soaps (see Explanation of the Benefits). The Company holds an international soap manufacturing patent that gives it access to leading edge soap manufacturing technologies. This commitment to innovation gives our customers the ability to launch new products ahead of their competitors.

As a result of its long experience in exporting their products, Soap Solutions has in intimate knowledge of Soap Importation Documentation Requirements for all major countries including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA and the EU. As part of their service to their customers Soap Solutions, through their Technical and Regulatory Affairs Department, provides Ingredient Lists including EU required Listed Potential Allergens, Product CofA’s, Product MSDS’s, Certificates of GMP, Colipa Data Requirements and Product Specifications.

Soap Solutions is in a unique position to be the only Contract Soap Manufacturer in Australia that doesn’t manufacture its own range of soaps. So we don’t compete against our customers. With our competitive cost advantage, it also means there is no conflict of interest when it comes to our customers New Ideas.

Soap Solutions is also the only Soap Manufacturer in Australia that manufactures the complete range of Soap and Soap Free Bar products from Soap Free Cleansing bars to transparent soap bars which are packed in a complete range of different packaging ideas.

This site is designed to show samples of the different soaps the company produces and packages that will best meet your company’s needs. All the Soap Shapes shown are made using soap Moulds that belong to Soap Solutions and are available for use by their customers, or a new shaped die can be made for your exclusive use.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All members of the Hutcherson Family work in the business. The younger members work part time while at University studying Marketing and Business Management



Soap Solutions Gains Organic Certification 

Soap Solutions has just become the first and only Soap Manufacturer in Australia to receive Organic Processor Certification from Australian Certified Organics. ACO is the only Australian Organic Certifier to achieve world- wide recognition as an Accredited Organic Certifier. Soap Solutions in conjunction with Sydney Essential Oil Company and Cosmark (Both ACO Certified Suppliers ) has developed a range of Organic Certified Soaps using Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Macadamia  Oil and a range of Certified Organic Aromatherapy Oils.

Give Soap Solutions a call or email us through our website enquiry page and we will custom develop a new Organic Certified Soap or Range of soaps for you business.

See some photos and details of these products in our New Developments Page the menu for which is on the left hand side of our web page.

  • Large International Company

A large international company has agreed to carry out production trials using Soap Solutions patented production technology with a view of taking out a licencing agreement to use our ground breaking technology.   

  • Soap Bars Better than Liquid Soap.

For ridding hands of Viruses, nothing beats old fashioned soap and water scientists have discovered. (see attached Daily Telegraph Article 15 March 2005 )