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“Soap Solutions created 2 innovative new products for our company including sourcing and supplying unique packaging. The products have performed well above expectations.”

Helen Brownie Managing Director





French Triple Milled Benefits

Explanation of the Benefits

So what is So Good about French Triple Milled Soaps and what does it mean?

French Triple Milled Soaps are very much smoother to use than normal soaps and produce a more creamy, luxuriant lather more quickly that normal Soaps with a very even colour.

When soap is made it is dried prior to being turned into soap bars. During this drying process the soap turns into crystals and these crystals, which vary in size,  can produce a quite gritty and rough base when made into soap bars.

True French triple milled soaps are passed 3 or more times through a heavy duty 3,4 or 5 roller mill. This repeated milling of the soap crystals crushes the soap crystals turning them into an extremely fine and smooth paste, prior to being turned into bars. This process also ensures that the soap colours and additive are homogenously spread through the soap bar.

French triple milling also means that all the bars in a batch are the same colour with no streaking even with heavily coloured soap

Some soap plants have a single roller mill not 3 roller mills in their process line. However a lot of them are cheap Chinese and Indian made mills that are very small and lightly built which means they are unable to apply the high pressures on the rollers that is required to produce High Quality Soaps.



Company Profile

Soap Solutions is an Australian Family owned contract soap manufacturer specialising in transparent glycerin, vegetable soaps, aromatherapy, gift, soap free cleansing bars and Combi Bars (Dove Type Products). We provide a variety of products to a diverse range of domestic and international clients.


The Company was founded in 1993 by the current General Manager, Mr Allan Hutcherson a Graduate in Food Technology from what is now the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury. He is also a Member of the Australia Society of Cosmetic Chemists. On top of this chemistry back ground Allan has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry in senior management positions for companies such as Unilever Pty. Ltd. and Innoxa Cosmetics. In the time since the company was founded, it has continued to grow, increasing its production facilities and the number of Technically qualified staff to meet the needs of a growing client base and the increased regulatory requirements for technical documentation for Correct INCI ingredient lists with potential allergens, MSDS’s and Cof A’s.


Soap Solutions Offices and Production facilities are located in a high quality industrial park in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Industrial park includes companies such as Drom International Fragrances with whom Soap Solutions works closely allowing fast tracking of New Product Development. Other companies in the park include Laboratories Pharmacare and Blackmores Health Care. Soap Solutions Facilities covers a total of 720 square metres. The premises provide a clean manufacturing environment with clean design epoxy coated concrete floors and stainless steel equipment. The factory operates under GMP Principals using statistical process control to ensure all products and processes are of the highest quality. The Facility has restricted Therapeutic Registration.


Packaging Solutions

Soap Solutions over the Years has developed a wide range of unique packaging, working closely with a wide range of packaging suppliers this allows us to supply this to our customers at very compeditive prices. Options available include but are not limited to-

Tissue Pleat Wrapping



Paper & Foil Wrapped





Plastic Tubes and Display Boxes

Aluminium Tins

Plastic Soap Dishes

Heavy Moulded Cardboard Boxes



You may prefer soap packaging to be cartoned or placed in displays. Whatever option you are interested in our staff can be consulted as to how these requirements will be met.